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See What A Nigerian Man Does For A Living In South Africa (Photos)

by Astrodome

Don’t believe everything you are; hearing about Nigerians and their living in SA. There are between 30-40 K Nigerians living in SA. The overwhelming majority of those are; legal residents and do legal jobs contrary to what the South Africans are saying

This is what one of them does for a living; I know him personally. As you can see in the fotos, he even has South Africans (the lady in second photo) working for him.



Thankfully, he is safe for now. But he and his family are holed up at home for 2 days now.



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  1. It’s so sad that country like south Africa can do this to Nigeria please Mr President should sendwNigeria soldier to South Africa and let them know we are still the giyant of Africa we all know the issue of Boko Haram is just minor issue wish I believe it is just political war our solder are always gallant

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