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“I Own Enugu Airport”: Man Arrests Airport Staff With IGP Squad

“When the matter was reported to former IG of Police Idris Ibrahim, Emejulu fled the country as soon as policemen from Abuja came to arrest him. He is now deceiving this new IG who is not aware of the case. He gave IG Monitoring Team 3 million naira, gave Enugu Police Commissioner 2 million naira and OC Legal and DC OPs 1 million to release policemen to him. Everyday he keeps harassing us with SARS, Police and thugs to give him money.”

“We have since overturned the fake judgement at the Enugu State High Court and obtained several injunctions against him and his thugs. We will be suing him for malicious damages soon.”

“He did the same thing in Lagos State and they jailed him and he ran to Enugu when he was released from prison.”

On his part, the Surveyor-general of Enugu State Ishiwu G. C who spoke on behalf of the Honorable commissioner of Lands denied knowledge of the incident. He however admitted that Mr. Emejulu does not own the disputed land.

“Available information from the Director Town Planning, Ministry of Lands Enugu confirmed that Oriental Estate Layout is registered in his office, Ishiwu wrote in a text.

He also confirmed the registration of Airport Road Layout Phase IV while he declared that (Emejulu’s) Airport Road Layout Phase V is not his records as a registered layout.

Another resident of Oriental Estate Mr Amarachi Idam disclosed that when the pressure was piled, he complied with Mr. Emejulu’s monetary demands.

“J.J. [Emejulu] arrested us when when we were still building our house but after we paid N5million we were released,” Idam said.

When contacted, the Enugu State commissioner for Youths and Sports, Vitus Okechi, who owns a property in Oriental Estate told our reporter to “go to sleep”, citing that Mr. Emejulu will soon answer for his crimes.

“The man has mental issues and knows how to lie,” Vitus commented. “I can show you the psychiatric hospital where he was admitted. I’m sure he’s still an outpatient there.”

“How can he say he bought a land in 2009 whereas he hasn’t even been born in 1959 when the land was bought and registered with certificate of occupancy by [Late] Igwe G.O.D Eneh?”

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