3 Breathtaking Stylish Fur and Wool Coats Under 1500 Dollars


Who doesn’t like to own a pair or two of fur coats? It’s their beauty and style that makes winters as fashionable as any other season. Whilst there are many other options to brace for winters, nothing beats the warmth that fur coats and fur and cashmere overcoats have to offer. And to talk about their smoothness, these are super silky and extremely soft apparels that you can practically style with anything – jeans, skirts, boots, stilettos, and any and everything that’s your style signature. So, we have made this guide that includes 3 stunning Wolfie Fur coats for women. Have a look at these classy winter-wears that’ll cost you a little under 1500 dollars. 

  1. Zelie Short Sleeves Vest in Rex Rabbit Fur and Wool 

Go for this stunner wool and fur vest if blue is your color and you’re running on a limited budget. Also available in other rare hues – Iris Grey, Taupe, and Charcoal grey – some of the signature features of this vest are listed below. 

  • It has short sleeves that’ll run all the way down to your elbows.
  • Its collar and front panel are made of real rex fur.
  • It has stunning press buttons in the front for closure.
  • It has spacious front pockets to keep you warm.

You can grab it at 275$ on sale.

  1. Kate Cashmere Coat With Real Mink

For those who do not know, cashmere is the best quality wool and mink is one of the rarest and warmest real furs in the whole wide world. And this stunning coat is just a perfect blend of both these fabrics. Some of the features that you’ll love about this winter wonder are listed below.

  • It is provided with stylish snap buttons for easy front closure. 
  • Its collar and pockets are made of real mink.

You can grab this warm overcoat at just 795$ on sale.

  1. ALMA Puffer Shearling Coat

Made with classy pure Australian Shearling wool, this is an absolutely stunning long overcoat that’ll come all the way down to your knees. Some of its adorable features that make this one a must buy are as follows. 

  • It has an iconic duck down puffer back pattern that looks super trendy.
  • It has comfortable side pockets that’ll warm your hands.
  • It is provided with a super smooth zipper for front closure.

You can grab this pure wool overcoat at just 1295$ on sale.

To sum up, style is something that can accompany you during winters too. All you need is an eye for fashion and a little bit of guidance. So, do try the overcoats that we have mentioned to keep stylish and warm.