3 Necessary Precautions For Air Conditioning Maintenance

portrait of mid-adult male technician repairing air conditioner

There are days when you can’t give up the comfort and functionality of air conditioning or tune ups for your unit. But what about when the device unexpectedly stops working? It’s always an unpleasant surprise! And the best way to avoid this problem is to pay attention to air conditioning maintenance care.

If you keep the device clean at all times, replace filters frequently, and check the status of cables and connections, the chance of an unexpected breakdown is practically zero. Below, you can check this and other tips to keep the air conditioning always in perfect condition!

  1. Have Trained Professionals To Maintain Air Conditioning

It is not possible to know precisely what the life of your air conditioner will be. However, taking care of the preventive maintenance of the device will certainly last for a long time.

And when we talk about repair service or preventive air conditioning maintenance, it is essential to have trained professionals to perform the service. That’s because, as the name says, this is a preventive measure. In this sense, even if you already know the primary care with the item, only a qualified professional can identify potential risks of device failure.

Generally, these professionals are accredited to the brands that sell the equipment, offering the customer a contract for preventive maintenance of their air conditioning. However, hiring a self-employed service provider can be much more advantageous, as the work is usually much more agile and cost-effective.

During the visit, the technician will carry out all the necessary tests to verify that the device is operating correctly, checking if there are any faults, loose parts, wear on the cables or other obstacles that could affect the ideal functioning of the air conditioning.

  1. Periodically Clean And Replace Filters

When it comes to air conditioning, one thing is sure: cleaning and maintenance are directly related. After all, cleaning your device correctly is the best way to keep it running longer.

To give you an idea of ​​how important cleaning is, be aware that the accumulation of dust in the equipment is responsible for the obstruction of the channels in which the air circulates. Thus, with obstructed circulation, the air conditioner loses its cooling capacity considerably.

It is then recommended that the filters be cleaned every 15 days with a soft brush. Even during the installation of the device, the idea is to choose a place with easy access to the filters. If the fins are very dirty, try cleaning them in the opposite airflow direction, as it is more efficient.

As for the cabinets, a soft cloth soaked in a little neutral detergent is enough to keep them clean. And for the condenser, you can even use the vacuum cleaner if the part is very dusty. Remember never to use alcohol or solvents during household cleaning, as these substances can damage the device. Also, unplug it from the wall outlet before starting service.

And, if by carelessness you ended up letting the dirt accumulate, it is also possible to count on the help of a qualified technician during these hours. Professional cleaning is even more effective in combatting the proliferation of bacteria, viruses, and fungi in the equipment.

  1. Check The Electrical Installations Of The Device

If you are one of those who only care about the operation of the air conditioning when it starts to fail, try to change this habit, especially if the subject is the electrical network! Regularly take a look at the electrical cables of the air conditioner to make sure the facilities are in good repair. This measure is essential to guarantee the functionality and safety of the equipment. Furthermore, it is recommended that all devices are directly connected to the leading network without the aid of adapters or extensions.