4 Simple Reasons Why Backlinks Are Important in SEO


As an SEO professional, we are sure you must have come across the term “backlinks.” Backlinks are a key variable to evaluate if your SEO campaign will become successful or not. But why are they so important to begin with?

Backlinks are links that websites get to their pages from other websites. They are typically created when a website wants a reference to the content of some other website to better explain its content. Backlinks add credibility to your content. It enhances the quality of content and provides a better experience for readers.

There are a few types of backlinks like nofollow, dofollow, User Generated Content (UGC), and sponsored backlinks. Dofollow backlinks are more valuable from an SEO perspective than the other three.

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Here are some reasons why backlinks are required to enhance SEO results.

It Is a Key Factor in the Google Ranking Algorithm

According to Google, three critical factors determine the ranking of content on the search engine. These factors are backlinks, content, and RankBrain.

RankBrain is an AI program that Google uses to study the search intent of its users. Content and backlinks tend to be more important factors than RankBrain.

If Google itself says that backlinks are important for SEO, then this statement has to be taken seriously. After all, Google is the organization that operates this search engine.

It Gives a Vote of Confidence to Your Content

Backlinks are a kind of reference that is used to support your content. So if your website gets back-linked by other content creators, it acts as a vote of confidence for your content. If someone is providing links to your website to support their content, it means your website is being trusted by others. So the more backlinks you get for your website, the more trustworthy your content will be.

The same applies to SEO ranking on Google as well. There is a direct relation between Google search engine rank and the UR scores assigned by Ahref. UR scores are used to evaluate the backlink quality and quantity of a website. The higher quality backlinks your page has the higher it will rank on Google.

It Can Improve the Authority of Your Domain

The more credible pages a domain has, the more trustable that domain will be. This will make your domain gain more authority in its field. This will be especially true if your backlinks are from websites that operate in the same field as your website.

Google also says it evaluates websites as a whole when it determines site rankings on its search engine results page (SERP). It appears that the more quality backlinks there are, the more prominent they will become on SEO.

Backlinks Help Get Greater Feedback

Although most people use search engines to conduct online research, sometimes people go directly to specific websites that they may view as credible sources of information. For example, if you want to get the latest sports news, chances are you will directly go to espn.com as ESPN has built up a credible reputation as a sports news leader.

If other content creators frequently use your website for backlinks, then your website will also develop a credible reputation and users will directly access your website. You should try to get relevant and highly popular websites to backlink to your website.

The more visitors you have on your website the more you will be able to interact with your users. This means you will get more feedback than if your website was not frequently visited. Having more data will help you perform better analysis and will help you make improvements to your website whenever necessary.

Summing Up

Backlinks are important for enhancing the SEO of your website. We have mentioned above why this is so. Strive to get quality backlinks so your website can perform better. Something else that will help you perform better is a reliable internet connection like HughesNet internet.