5 Best e-portals to pay electricity bill online


Paying electricity bills is easier than ever and with the Covid-19 pandemic in full phase, most e-portals are trying to captivate the market. Lots of people who were paying their bills through physical mediums are slowly starting to make the shift. Why would anyone not do so when you do not have to leave the comfort of your home for payments and might even receive cashback? While there are plenty of places where you can do electricity bill payment, there are some which you should prefer over others. Let us take a look at some of the portals where you should pay your electricity bills.

  1. Amazon Pay – Amazon Pay has become a good portal for those who are already using the Amazon Prime membership. Even non-Prime members can use the platform. But for people who buy a lot on Amazon and use the Amazon Pay credit card, they can make the most out of their payment portal. Electricity bills, water and gas bills and other payments are very easy to make on this platform.
  1. Google Pay – A huge reason a lot of people prefer Google Pay is the quirky campaign that pops up from their end. The tool is easy to use and you will definitely like the portal. You can make payments to your electricity distributors quite easily through this UPI payment app.
  1. PhonePe – What started as a peer-to-peer money transfer app has become a very successful portal to pay your bills. UPI has made it very simple to make payments and that is what this app revolves around. The app is very simple. You can chat with your friends and just type in the amount that you would like to send. If you are looking to pay bills to your electricity distributor, this is the app that you need to use.
  1. Paytm – No doubt Paytm is one of the most popular platforms you can use for electricity bill payment. This portal has been used over the years due to the myriad services that it has to offer. Paytm was among the first people to popularize the concept of digital wallets. Now with the help of UPI payments, Paytm can be used to make bill payments, recharge and what not! You can invest in stocks, gold, shares and even do online shopping through Paytm Mall. You can even open a savings bank account here!
  1. Airtel Payments Bank – The only platform that you need to know about today is this one! Not only would you get good cashback, you will have an interface that is very easy to use. You can send or receive money from your peers and even withdraw cash from Airtel banking points. In addition to electricity bill payment, you will be able to recharge your FASTag, recharge your mobile or DTH recharge, pay postpaid bill, broadband and water bills among others. This platform has made everything so easy for everyone.

If you are looking for the best payment portals, you can use these for electricity bill payment.