All about the new disposable IVG Bars 

What is IVG?

IVG is also known as I Vape Great, it is a premium British e-liquid brand that provides vaping products. The company was started in 2016 and still became one of the largest British companies for e-liquid. This leading brand won several national and even international awards for their products and today they have a global audience. IVG offers premium e-liquid IVG Bars to a worldwide audience. They serve in about 100 countries on the 6 continents with millions of customers. They have launched the fastest-selling vaping products known as IVG Bars. It is known for satisfying every taste. IVG bars have been a great choice for those who like summers vapes. These IVG Bars are a great alternative to unhealthy tobacco products.

The new disposable IVG Bars 

IVG is one of the popular brands when it comes to vaping. Their products are available in multiple flavors. It provides several vaping products for its global audience. The IVG disposable bar is the new trending one created by IVG. These vape bars are available in many flavors and are easy to utilize. They don’t require any charging or refilling. They are pocket-sized so are easy to take to anywhere or anytime. It is the best vaping device for those who want to quit smoking. And of course, the best part is it is disposable. 

IVG disposable bars have become one of the fastest and greatest selling vaping products after its launch. These are indeed next-generation devices. These disposable pod devices are available in 16 flavors and can last up to 600 puffs which are equal to 30 cigarettes. One disposable bar is pre-filled with 2ml of E-liquid which contains 20mg of nicotine salt. They have a variety of refreshing and vibrant flavors like watermelon and strawberry. The nicotine salt has been added to make it taste smooth. The pod is available with a sleek plastic body and is colored according to the flavor it has. Moreover, they are leakproof. They don’t require coil-changes or batteries. The product is designed after keeping in mind the health of the customers as it is made with food-grade ingredients and with a wick made up of organic cotton. The device is prefilled and extremely effortless to use making it the easiest-to-use device in the market. It can easily be used straight after taking it out of the pack.


IVG Bars are the perfect vaping bars for all those who want to get rid of the hassles of changing pods or buying coils. This vape kit is both convenient and healthy. The impressive range of disposable IVG Bars is a perfect alternative for smoking and can also help you quit smoking. It is compact and light-weighted with an excellently developed design. If you are thinking of switching to vaping, these disposable IVG Bars would be an incredible choice. As it is disposable you can easily dispose of it and take a new one after it runs out. It can help you to quit smoking. It is easy to use so there would be no trouble while using it. You can easily choose a preferable flavor from the wide range of available varieties. IVG disposable bars are the best grab-and-go vaping bars that you can use without any hassle.

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