If you are looking for the fastest, simple and most private crypto exchanger, the best choice is And this is the platform wherein you can exchange more than 30+cryptocurrencies and can make it directly come into the wallet. There is no registration required, just a simple click makes everything easier. Overall the platform is the one wherein you can integrate and manage with the website, and overall a customer-friendly platform to exchange cryptocurrencies. 


As mentioned earlier, this is the exchanger wherein the privacy settings are all under control. Similar to your daily transactions, the process of exchanging the cryptocurrency is so simple. This is suggested as it was introduced by Holytransaction, which is the first and foremost multi-currency web wallet. The most outstanding values of this platform are safety and speed of executing the process, decentralized platform, etc. And also this platform deals with almost top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash. Before getting into or dealing with any specific cryptocurrency, it’s suggested that to do deep research about it and go ahead with it. 


Now, let’s look into the way works for your cryptocurrency exchanger. The most interesting part is this platform finds out the best rate in the market and also its quite fixed rate too. First, you have to start exchanging the bitcoins as you have. You need to fill in the address and once done, you need to enter the waller address too. Post which, you can check on the best exchange rates and you can get your expected amount without any surprises.

After the above stage, you need to copy the wallet address in the exchange box and then go into the multicurrency wallet as well. In case if you are using the mobile app, you can scan the QR code too. The most important is to enter the amount that needs to be exchanged. And you need to save the exchange code wherein it will be available in the URL and for safer side, bookmark your exchange.

The final stage of the exchange is to receive bitcoin to your destination wallet address. Once your exchange is done, Flyp. me sends the bitcoin to your destination address. And finally, post your exchange, you get your transaction id for your reference. Therefore, working with is quite easier since the exchange rate displayed would be the one that is long term with. 


Therefore, with the various Bitcoins in the industry, you can choose the top cryptocurrencies and start using Flyp. me and exchange it. Since the most important feature is the privacy part, it’s the most interesting one and also quite a simple one too. And also there is no registration required with any of our details, just with a single click, can get started your exchange. Hence, by providing appropriate information, you can start your Crypto exchanger journey.