How is Kumon different from other tuition centres?


There may be times when your kid might struggle to understand some of the materials that they come across in school. When they come home with a bad grade on the report card, you’re unsure how to help them. If you are one of those parents who want to get to the root of the problem, instead of going for a quick fix like most tuition centres for kids, Kumon is here to help.

Kumon is an after school program in India providing English and Maths classes for kids. The program is designed for students ageing from preschool to high school. The instructors of Kumon design and develop individualised worksheets that students complete at their own pace. Kumon helps students in building a strong foundation in both English and Maths along with developing the ability to learn on their own.

Difference between Kumon and other tuition centres.

●      Kumon fixes the root of the problem

When a kid requires help with English or Maths, tuition centres for kids mainly focus on and address the immediate need like helping the kid with algebra, fractions or spelling. On the other hand, the Kumon method mainly focuses on fundamental learning and recognises a child’s struggle that seems to have been missed earlier. This may include taking your child back to the problem and ensuring that the fundamental is mastered first, before moving forward. If the fundamentals aren’t mastered, it leaves an open door for more struggles in future.

●      Kumon identifies where your child has fallen behind in learning

While fixing the root of a child’s struggle, the starting point needs to be correct. While a tutor will start teaching a fifth-grade student with fifth-grade material, the instructors at Kumon will start at a different level. To begin, your child will be asked to complete an assessment test to measure their mastery to date, identify gaps in their learning and mark the best-individualised starting point for your child. This might be at a lower level than your expectations, but it’s important to fill the gaps so that your child can master more advanced concepts as he/she progresses through the Kumon program.

●      Unlike tutoring, Kumon educates through passive learning

One of the major differences between tutoring and the Kumon method is the self-learning concept. Tutors mostly explain to a child how to solve a problem, which results in a child becoming a passive learner. In this way, children listen to an explanation with no or less guarantee that the concept is fully grasped. This leads to the buildup of struggles and confusion. On the other hand, the self-learning method in Kumon helps your child to be actively engaged. They learn by going through examples and then can perform the activities all on their own. Children learn by doing and not by watching. They completely rely on themselves instead of their teacher’s knowledge.

●      Tutors help a child catch up but Kumon keeps them advancing

Tuition centres for kids mostly help children with the material they’re currently being taught in their school grades. Once they are performing better, the tutoring process usually ends. But why not help your child to keep advancing? In the Kumon learning method, the learning process does not end because the current test scores improve. Learning is not limited to any age or grade. No matter what the age is, there is always a scope for children to reach the highest levels, all the way through Shakespeare and high school Calculus. In this way, children who get enrolled in Kumon and started a bit behind, not only catch up but advance to study materials several years ahead of their school grade.

Wrapping It Up

The Kumon method ensures that their children master each building block of their learning through proven methods of short, daily assignments. If you want to enrol your child in the Kumon program or know more about our after school programs

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