How Long can your Leftover Pizza Last Before It Goes Bad?

For many people, pizza is the go-to meal for those late nights in the workplace or indoor parties among relatives and friends. Those who want a hearty meal could never be disappointed when they order pizza with two drinks on the side. In fact, some even order more and don’t mind having leftovers which can they can safely enjoy the following day.

People who order Double Pizza online can end up getting more than they can eat on one seating. This is because of the myriad of options in terms of toppings and sauces available. For pizza lovers, every new version is worth trying and when their favorite pizza place introduces a new one, they would not hesitate to grab a box or two. This is the reason leftover pizza can become a typical dish after parties and in the early mornings. A morning pie offers a taste that is a delicacy that many people prefer over freshly-baked slices. But how long should pizza stay fresh and taste great? Keep reading to know the answer to this question:

Leftover Pizza for Breakfast

Many people love the taste of cold pizza in the morning. Sometimes, people think that leftover pizza can last just as long as its store-bought, frozen version. While it can be stored and kept edible for a long time, it can get spoilt. No matter its look and taste, a leftover slice of pizza can become unsafe for consumption given the right conditions. 

How to Properly Store Leftover Pizza

It is important to keep in mind that any food will go bad after some time. How long before they can go bad depends on where and how the food is stored. People leave their leftover pizza by the counter or inside the refrigerator. But, when leaving pizza on the counter should only be done when the pizza is to be consumed after a few hours. Any cooked food kept below 40 degrees F can become a source of foodborne illness. Thus, it not advisable to consume a leftover pie kept overnight on the counter. While the pie is unattended, it has to be wrapped in plastic or in an air-sealed container, so it does not go stale. 

The best way to store leftover pizza is by placing it in the fridge. The fridge’s cold temperature prevents the growth of bacteria on the slices. By storing your leftover pizza with an air-tight container, it can last as long as four days.

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