How to Clean Your Air Conditioning Filter?


If you’re questioning how to clean up a window Air Conditioner device, the top thing to do is clean the filter. Central air conditioning devices often have filters that are meant to be replaced instead of cleaned, so if you’re most likely to clean the filter on a huge device, you should examine the user’s manual to see whether cleaning the filter is really an alternative. Elimination of the filter differs by unit, but the actions for cleaning filters are greatly the same.

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  • Vacuum the AC Filter

For routine upkeep, vacuuming is all you need to do. Utilize an accessory without a brush, as that may damage the filter. Run the vacuum cleaner nozzle forward and backward the size of the filter. You will likely see quite a bit of dust eliminated. If you have pets, you may need to go over the filter a few added times to get out as much hair as possible. Don’t push hard over the filter as you vacuum, or you might end up denting or tearing it.

  • Saturate the AC Filter

Fill out your bathtub or another big container with room-temperature water. Include a little bit of regular liquid detergent as well as blend it well, so the water lathers up. Locate the filter in the container as well as make sure it’s submerged. Relocate the filter back as well as forth, so it’s completely covered in the soapy solution, as well as let it sit for 10-15 minutes.

Don’t use brushes or other rough tools on the filter, as they might cause damage. Utilizing a tube is a great way to remove dust as well as debris. Hose off one side each time until the water runs tidy.

  • Splash the AC Filter

Mix up a one-to-one option of vinegar as well as water, and add it to a spray bottle. Spray both sides of the filter, as well as offer it 10 minutes for the option to eliminate microorganisms. Rinse the filter under running water prior to you proceed.

  • Dry the AC Filter

Air Conditioning filters need to air completely dry, as well as it can take numerous hours to become completely free of wetness. To aid at the same time, you can place newspapers on the ground below the filter. Lean the filter up against the wall in addition to the newspapers. Once a minimum of 3 hours has passed, you can re-install the filter in your air conditioning device.

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