How To Deal With Sexual Abuse in Nursing Homes?


Sexual abuse is the worst thing that can happen to elders in a nursing home where they are supposed to feel at home. Elders expect the nursing home to be a safe place for them, and they just want to feel safe and spend the remaining days of their lives in peace. However, some illiterate people do not even understand that elders need to be respected and not taken advantage of. Elder abuse in nursing homes happens when abusers take advantage of elderly people. 

Elders are an easy target for some people because they know elders are vulnerable and cannot take much action against them. Sexual abuse in nursing homes are incredibly illegal and unethical acts, and families and carers must be aware of the warning signs. Speak with Strianese Huckert, LLP, a nursing home abuse attorney, immediately to learn more. 

What Is Abuse In Nursing Homes?

Elder sexual abuse is defined as non-consensual and unwanted sexual or physical contact with an elderly person. Contact with an elderly person who is disoriented or unable to agree is also considered abuse. Whether the contact is minimal or significant, sexual abuse occurs when it is sexual in nature and non-consensual. Senior sexual abuse includes raping an elderly person and unwanted touching. 

There are numerous more ways in which elder abuse can occur, and those who care for the elderly must be aware of them and take care of one another in order to protect themselves. Sexual abuse may present itself in a variety of ways, like forced nudity or rape.  

Who Faces The Most Of The Elder Sexual Abuse?

In most circumstances, elder sexual abuse happens when the potential abuser believes he may inflict harm without consequence. As a result, older patients, who are already weak, are the most susceptible. The weaker they are because of their age or health issues, the easier they are to take advantage of. This mindset of the abusers has ruined a lot of elderly lives.

The sexual abuse of people suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s, and other cognitive impairments is one of the most heinous forms of elderly sexual abuse. Women are historically seen to be weaker than men and less capable of self-defense. Sexual abuse is far more common in old women than in elderly males. Age is also a factor, with older nursing home patients being more vulnerable to maltreatment. 

Because these patients are frequently disoriented, the abuser feels that no one will believe their allegations, giving them the confidence to continue abusing them without consequence. Nursing home residents with dementia and other difficulties are more likely to be sexually abused. They use their age and lack of memory as their defense in case any elderly person decides to stand up against them.