How to Find Out If the Divorce Attorney You’re Hiring Worth the Effort?


A divorce case is just as strong as the attorney representing it is. Which means, if your divorce lawyer doesn’t have the required communication and research skills, it’s most likely that you might end up losing the case. Scary, isn’t it? Losing your children and not getting any financial assistance to support your living – it’s something that can scare anybody. And if you don’t want to be the person facing such a situation, then it’s important that your attorney is highly skilled. Wondering how to decide it? Then, this is just the right guide. Read through to find out everything. 

  1. Look at the Reviews

The portfolio and credentials of successful lawyers speak for themselves. So, check the client reviews and feedback. For example, the lawyer Andrew Heft is a reliable attorney who has enough courtroom experience. You can go through the Andrew Heft reviews to get a detailed description of how he has been serving  his clients and winning cases for them. 

  1. Test the Lawyer for Knowledge

An experienced lawyer is entirely aware of all divorce laws (recent and modified ones too). So, what you can do to test their knowledge is ask them a lot of questions. A skilled lawyer will be able to resolve all your queries patiently.

Some of those questions that will catch an inexperienced lawyer off guard are given below

#1. Should I get a Divorce or Annulment?

A good lawyer will know that annulment and divorce are two different things. So they should be able to tell you that the marriage can be annulled only if:

  • You haven’t been married for more than three years.
  • Your spouse is already married to someone else. 
  • You married when you were highly intoxicated.
  • You married a person who hid their sexual preference.

#2. Will I get the Alimony and Custody of the Child?

This is one tricky question that only experienced lawyers can explain. Some such pointers that they will tell you are as follows.

  • You can’t expect an alimony and child’s custody only because you’re a woman.
  • You can’t expect an alimony at all if you’re financially capable. 

In fact, some other key factors are.

  • Children above the age of 12 can actually convey their choice to the judge. And the choice will be given maximum weightage. 
  • You will be denied parental custody if you’ve a history of alcoholism or you have a criminal history and you’re an aggressive and abusive person.

All in all, the family law is really complicated. So, it’s necessary that your attorney is competitive.