How to Get Your ITN Number?


An ITN or Internal Transaction Number is the passport of your export shipment. It is assigned to the shipment confirming that the AES accepted the Electronic Export Information in its file. Every AES has its own unique ITN. The ITN starts with the letter “X,” along with the year, month, and day of acceptance in the AES followed by six randomly assigned digits from the system. Your ITN provides you with three key things:

  • Proof of Filing
  • Verified Accuracy of filing
  • Ensuring that you are eligible as a compliant

Here are three steps on how to get your ITN number:

  1. Contacting your Customs Broker: There are many ways you can purchase a vehicle and each one requires different paperwork. Having a trusted Customs Broker is a must. Let your Customs Broker know that you are ready to import your vehicle and they will request paperwork based on whom you’re purchasing the vehicle from and for what purpose. 

There are different paperwork depending on whether the vehicle is for personal use or a business vehicle, whether you’re buying it from a dealer or an individual respectively. Bill of sale, copy of the vehicle’s title, copy of the importer’s passport, and driving license are required if you’re buying from a dealer for personal use. 

Your broker may request your GST, address, and phone number if you’re buying the vehicle for your business. If the vehicle is a gift or acquired through inheritance, then they will ask for a gift letter or a letter from the estate. If you are a Canadian citizen returning with a US-plated vehicle, your broker may ask you for the Kelly Blue Book Value (PDF or print out), a copy of the vehicle’s title, and your Canadian address and phone number. 

  1. Providing your Crossing Information: You need to provide your Customs Broker with all the details about your vehicle starting from the exact date that you have planned to cross and the way you are going to cross (ports or borders). The name and contact of the transport company along with the Standard Carrier Alpha Code that you’re using if any. 
  2. Waiting for 72 Hours: It takes around 72 hours to hear back from customs for your ITN after the submission of your paperwork by your customs broker. You will receive an email or a phone call containing your ITN number shortly. 

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