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Patrolling is a very important part of ensuring the security of a premise. That is why it is one of the services offered by Ranger Security Agency, the top Austin Security Company. Our Austin security company provides patrolling security services either through foot or car patrols.

However, most people do not understand what is a security patrol inspection list. That is why experts from our Austin security company have decided to debunk what a security patrol inspection checklist entails and some of the items included in the checklist.

Security Patrol Inspection Checklist: What is It?

A security patrol inspection checklist is a document that explains the procedures to be followed during a security patrol. It also specifies which aspects should be checked and monitored during every patrol, such as access points, alarms, lights, surveillance devices, and any spots of concern. The checklist ensures uniformity in the inspection process and allows security officers to swiftly detect potential security risks. A security patrol inspection checklist guarantees that all sections of the facility or property are watched and properly guarded. This contributes to a safer work environment and reduces liabilities for your company or group.

Our Austin security company is keen on providing security patrol inspection checklists to all our patrolling security guards to enhance our efficiency.

Items Included in a Security Patrol Inspection List

As aforementioned, a security patrol inspection checklist is critical for ensuring that security officers cover all relevant areas during patrols. Here are some of the items that ought to be included in such a list.

Alarm Systems

  • Test alarm systems, including fire alarms and intrusion detection systems to ensure they function properly.
  • Ensure alarm monitoring services are activated and functional.

Entry Points

  • Verify that all gates, doors, and windows are properly locked and have secure access control systems.
  • Look out for signs of tampering.


  • Ensure that both interior and exterior lights are working well and are providing enough illumination.
  • Identify damaged or broken lights for replacement or repair.

Perimeter wall

  • Walk around the property’s perimeter wall to check for fencing damage, breaches, and other potential vulnerabilities.
  • Evaluate landscaping for potential hiding locations or easy access to the property.

Emergency equipment

  • Inspect emergency exits, fire extinguishers, and other safety devices to ensure accessibility, visible markings, and proper operation.
  • Ensure emergency plans and evacuation routes are well-labelled and up to date.

Suspicious Activity

  • Be alert for any unusual or suspicious activities, such as loitering, unattended packages, or unauthorized cars.

Surveillance devices

  • Inspect surveillance equipment, including security cameras and motion sensors, to ensure proper functionality and coverage.
  • Check for signs of vandalism or tampering.

Maintenance Concerns

  • Note any maintenance concerns, such as broken windows that could impede security and safety.
  • Report any issues to relevant people for repair or replacement


  • Respond quickly to potential safety hazards, such as obstructed walkways or spills.

Compliance with Security Standards

  • Check that workers, residents, and customers are following specified security regulations, such as wearing identity badges and sticking to access control protocols.
  • Take fast action to address any non-compliance issues.

Incident Reporting and Documentation

  • Keep track of any security incidents, observations, or concerns that arise throughout the patrol for future review and analysis.
  • Ensure effective communication and reporting protocols are followed.

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