Should You Consider Wooden Flooring For Kitchens?

Wooden flooring can offer you several benefits. It is not only attractive but very easy to clean. It is the best alternative to carpets, particularly for those suffering from allergies. However, moisture content can easily warp or damage wooden flooring. Therefore, it is not ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

We, in this blog, will discuss some factors that need to be taken into consideration while choosing wooden flooring for kitchens.

  • Moisture And Heat

A kitchen is a place that generates too much moisture and heat, and as a result can cause shrinkage, swelling, and warping in wooden flooring. The heat generated through cooking meals can cause the wood to contact and expand. So, if you are installing wooden floors in your kitchen, make sure it is well-ventilated.

  • Leakage

Leakage is the most common problem that mostly occurs in the kitchen as it is the home to your dishwasher and washing machine. Once your kitchen gets leaked, it can cause severe warp and damage to the material. Another appliance that can badly distort and shrink the wood is the oven. Some ovens create a lot of heat that causes gaps in the wood.

  • Spillages

Spills are considered the worst things for kitchens. When didn’t wipe up quickly, spills can stain or damage the wooden flooring. As wood is highly absorbent in nature, it begins to warp or swell when something spilled on it. So, if you are considering wooden flooring for kitchens, you may have to keep an eye out for spillages. And it is wise to place mats around the oven and sink.

  • Location

If your kitchen is located near the garden, it is more likely to get damaged. Think about your kids running through the kitchen from the garden area with wet clothes and muddy trainers—over time, this will badly affect the wooden flooring. Even though these damages can be refinished, be sure to consider these factors before investing.

The Best Wooden Flooring For Kitchens

  • Solid wood

Hardwood (also known as solid wood) is, as the name implies, made of hard wooden planks. Solid wooden flooring represents the actual beauty of the wood grain and therefore is the most popular choice for kitchens. Moreover, solid wood is very easy to clean and can be refinished easily. Maple, oak, and cherry are some of the best types of solid wood for kitchen floors.

  • Engineered Wood

Engineered wooden flooring is also a practical choice for the kitchen as it does not contract and expand easily. It can withstand leaks, spills, foot, traffic, and much more. However, it still needs protection from excessive water. It is also recommended to place felt pads under the pieces of furniture to prevent your wooden flooring from damage.

  • Reclaimed Wood

You can purchase reclaimed wood in either engineered wood or solid wood. Reclaimed pine is very light and easy to clean. Teak is also considered a lifetime material for kitchen wooden flooring as it can strongly resist insects, rot, and decay.

So, this is what you need to consider when purchasing wooden flooring for kitchens. As it is the most used room in the house, make sure to refinish your floors somewhat regularly.

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