Spread the cheer with custom holiday cards!


We might have moved to a digital era where everything in the world is being done through the internet. Whether it is about finding the right mobile phone or finding the right bride, everything is being done on the digital platform. And sending greetings or updates to loved ones is no exception to this digital trend. But even in an era surrounded by a wide array of digital mediums, sending something that one can feel and touch will mean a lot and this is why, even after so many years, holiday cards haven’t lost their value. 

For many people, holiday cards might be an outdated way to wish someone or send greetings but for a vast majority of the population, it is still the best way to spread cheer and love. You will be surprised to know that the market of holiday cards is still thriving and it is expected to grow at a fast pace in the future. 

Sending cards to your loved ones is the perfect opportunity to let people know that you really care for them and think about them. So, let’s see how you can enhance the experience with easter cards without breaking the bank. 

Personalize the cards 

When it comes to holiday cards then there are many ways through which you can personalize the card and make it look unique. Many people love to include photos of themselves so that upon receiving the card, loves ones can put it on display instead of tucking it between the folded clothes in the closet. 

You can simply choose a professional photographer or you can click your own pictures and then build a collage of some of the best pictures that you have taken. It doesn’t matter which process you choose for the shoot or the design, including a photo in easter cards is one of the best methods of personalization. 

But if your entire family is camera shy then you can simply choose from an existing design that will fit like a glove in your needs. From religious images to summer scenery, there are many images to choose from but make sure the design and pre-existing image that you choose always fits the message that you are trying to convey. 

Share an update 

If you don’t want to settle on just including an image in the holiday card then you can level up the greeting by including a year-in-review update that is going to include all the highlights of the last year. It is one of the best ways to connect with all those people whom you don’t see very often. This can prove to be more meaningful than sending a simple and plain holiday card. 

You also have the option of sending a newsletter, especially to those people who are not present on any social media platforms since it will allow your loved ones to know what is really happening in your life. 

There are many ways of creating an awesome holiday newsletter. You can design the holiday cards especially for including longer updates with the season’s greeting and even family photos. In addition to this, you can also choose custom folded cards that are mostly blank inside so that you can write your own greetings and messages. 

Include some simmer 

If you don’t want your card to get lost in the crowd then you can make your card look unique by simply adding some fun embellishments. Even simple gold foil accents can make your holiday card shine. In addition to this, you can include pearlescent paper for adding a shimmery and give a luxe effect to the card. 

Moreover, you can also make your easter cards look different from the rest of the cards lying in the mailbox by customizing the envelope with a custom return address block or you can come up with unique design elements that are going to match with your card and the type of message you are sending. 

To make things easier, you can simply choose to type up your newsletter on a completely different sheet of paper and then put the paper inside the folded card. This is going to enhance the overall look of your easter cards and this is one of the best ways of adding some shimmer to your card without breaking the bank. 

A vast majority of the population might be dependent on the generic mails on the internet for sending warm wishes during the holiday season but do you really think that those emails will mean anything in an era where everyone receives thousands of emails on a daily basis?

Instead of sending an email, you should design and customize a holiday card, include some updates, add some photos and let your loved ones know that you really care for them.