The best Bucks party set-up


Bucks parties have been a time-honoured tradition since marriage became an institution. There really isn’t much that is new behind the idea except for the fact that men now have a wider choice of things to do other than just getting stupid drunk and behaving badly in strip clubs.

The Vikings did it with ale, had a couple of rounds with some buxom wench and fought each other.

Henry VIII had far too many stag nights. The problem with old Henry was that he had this thing about chopping women’s heads off so marriage to him must have been a frightening prospect.

In modern times, buck nights are regarded as the last few hours of freedom. Freedom to do all the stupid things you and your Uni buddies used to do before you met the woman you are just about to swear unconditional love and devotion for all eternity drinking and getting hot babes doesn’t get old. Watching naked women touching each other or working a pole never gets old. You want to take it all in because chances are, the love of your life will never shimmy down a pole for you.

If you are in charge of organising an epic bucks sendoff make it extra special by building up to the strippers for bucks party in a Melbourne joint. If you are looking for bucks party ideas Melbourne has to offer use a little bit of your imagination. You don’t have to head straight to a strip club, set the mood, get everyone worked up before you end up in a strip club.

Here are some ideas you might to try.

  • The hot girl hitchhiker set up

Arrange to unexpectedly come across a sexy hitchhiker on your way from picking up your buddy. Play some great music, ply them with alcohol and let them get acquainted with each other. Make it exceptionally hot by arranging to pick up two girls and get some girl-on-girl action going. Chat the girls up and invite them to join you at this party you are throwing for your friend.

  • Eat off a naked body

Arrange a Sushi dinner to be served on top of an actual naked body. Let your guests use nothing but their mouths to get the sushi off the naked body.

  • Put on a show

By now, your boy is beyond aroused. He is drunk and happy and probably thinks that it can’t get any more erotic than that. But you know that he has a lot of fantasies, maybe they are your fantasies but at this point no one really cares. They are drunk, fed and in the company of naked ladies. Take things further by putting on a show like a Dominatrix Show for the groom. Have him tied up, with hands behind his back and get a girl to do whatever to him. See if he lasts five minutes.

You can make things easier by simply booking a special VIP booking areas with hot strippers for bucks party in most Melbourne strip clubs. You should be able to discuss any bucks party ideas strip clubs will be willing to accommodate. Letting the club handle everything for you will make it easy for you to enjoy the party with the rest of the guys. Your next worry will be getting everybody over the handover and to church on time.