The Best Places To Stay in Bali


Traveling to Bali for the first time takes some suitable preparation since the island is enormous. It is difficult to choose which place to keep in to match whatever you wish to do throughout your tropical holiday.

Here is the most confusing element for first-time traveler, because every area provides a very different experience than  many others.

1.     Seminyak — such as sunset shore pubs, luxury restaurants, restaurants, and purchasing

Seminyak is a great region to be located in since it is quite central and has excellent beaches, a number of the greatest restaurants in Bali, amazing west shore bars, and plenty of lodging options that range from budget to luxury. Additionally, it has an wonderful shopping place with quite fashionable stores selling everything from typical souvenirs to trendy clothes, accessories, and beachwear.

  • Positives: the Ideal place for cheap luxury lodging, amazing restaurants & bars, Fantastic shopping.
  • Negatives: somewhat cluttered, more expensive than other regions, really commercialized.

2.     Canggu — to get laid-back boho-chic shore fans

It is still not swarming. However, the neighboring regions of Seminyak and Kuta are still quite central. The region is home to surfer shores, rice fields, and stunning villas.

  • Positives: magnificent views of rice fields, cheap personal villas, Fantastic restaurants & cafes, not overly commercialized.
  • Negatives: somewhat calmer than other places and Internet taxis or bicycles Aren’t allowed.

3.     Kuta — for both customers & celebration fans

The region is particularly renowned for browsing, with some long stretches of beaches and ideal waves yearlong. It is also a paradise for party fans since it has plenty of pubs, clubs and beach clubs which throw some wonderful parties.

  • Positives: great location for surfing, and locating cheap backpacker style accommodation.
  • Negatives: along with tourists, a Lot of beaches and construction have become quite polluted.

4.     Uluwatu — Luxurious clifftop hotels and beach clubs

This region is famed for its Uluwatu clifftop temple also contains many luxury hotels and beautiful beaches. It’s a lot more expensive than other locations and is ideal for spending an evening.

  • Positives: beautiful luxury hotels with perspectives of the Indian Ocean, Fantastic beaches, and calmness.
  • Negatives: secluded and an hour drive from the main area in Seminyak. Pricier than the other areas.

5.     Ubud — for calmness, magnificent character and tranquil getaways

Ubud is undoubtedly among the gorgeous places I have seen in my journeys. It is the type of area that will provide you a feeling of calmness unlike any other.

In Ubud, you will encounter endless rice fields, temples, reptiles, deserts, and volcanoes. You will find locals dressed in their vibrant prayer clothing with baskets in their heads that are offerings for their sanity. They’re the friendliest and kindest natives that you can meet. Do not simply stick to the most important tourist places, but only have a map and then chase a number of those lesser-known temples and waterfalls.

  • Positives: among the most tranquil places you can see, rice fields, turtles, temples, waterfalls, type sailors.
  • Negatives: two hours from the shore areas, not as a lot to do during the night.

6.     North Bali — to get a silent escape surrounded by magnificent All-natural landscapes

If you are seeking to find the touristy regions of Bali, subsequently, North Bali is celestial. The gorgeous temples, rice areas, and volcano views are all in reality in North Bali. The natives are even more popular in this area and there are quite inexpensive resorts with pools. I strongly suggest staying in Munduk and seeing Sekumpul Waterfall.

  • Positives: Untouched character, friendly natives, small to no visitors.
  • Negatives: Far, far from everything else.

7.     Nusa Dua – for family getaways and water sports

Nusa Dua is the best location for a family retreat with plenty of comprehensive hotels. It’s also one of the best water sports and activities (such as diving, snorkeling, or parasailing).

  • Positives: a Fantastic family area and Ideal for water sport fans.
  • Negatives: much from the key regions in Bali and much Harder.

Whether your trips take you to a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.