The Most Common Types of Hosting Services



A significant number of businesses are now accepting Bitcoin. The currency’s owner does not exist, and there is no one in charge of this scheme, which, despite these red flags, works in strict accordance with transparent standards. They will, however, remain anonymous if they pay in bitcoins, which is also very significant.

If someone has a Bitcoin-related website, it’s only natural that they do look for a hosting company that specializes in this. It isn’t needed because their bitcoin-related website can be hosted on a platform that isn’t dependent on Bitcoin payment services.

Web hosting companies that accept Bitcoin as a form of payment offer a variety of hosting plan options that are included in the most common types of hosting services.

Shared Hosting: 

This is the cheapest bitcoin web hosting solution as compared to other services. Normally cPanel provides storage of up to 100 GB, a bandwidth of up to 20 GB, free domains, dedicated IP addresses and 24×7 technology assistance.

VPS Hosting: 

The mid-range choice in cost and quality of service is considered. In addition to shared hosting, this one offers SSD storage, quick setup, and a variety of server locations ranging from Europe to offshore.

Dedicated Hosting: 

It’s for websites that need a lot of money and get a lot of traffic. It can be set up in less than 24 hours and provides significant configuration versatility as well as a 1 Gbps uplink, which is the speed at which the server connects to the Internet.

DDoS Protection Hosting: 

This is the most expensive alternative, and it includes VPS and dedicated hosting. It boosts existing DDoS security, which is currently only available on dedicated and VPS hosting, to shield their high-level traffic from more vicious attacks.

There are configurable choices across both of these web hosting plans that accept Bitcoin payments, allowing for customized packages based on a variety of needs. So, if people want to be completely anonymous when buying a hosting solution for their website, they can do so. They should certainly go with a hosting company that supports Bitcoin as a payment method.