The Perfect Experience with Kadai Firebowl – All in One by BBQs 2 u


BBQs 2u is a well-established brand here all over the UK. They have been in this business since 2002, making everyone around them get the best products they deserve. 

They are very passionate about barbeques and have a great deal of grilling knowledge they love sharing with their customers.

They sell products from brands like Kamado Joe, Masterbuilt BBQs, Ooni pizza ovens, and many more. 

There is one brand that makes grilling, baking, smoking, or slow roasting possible, and that is Kadai Firebowl. It is the only barbeque and firebowl that is found together in one product. 

This Kadai recycled firebowl has a high stand for barbequing and a small one for a firebowl. 

It is available in three different sizes:

  • For a small gathering: Kadai recycled Firebowl 60cm
  • For a family barbeque: Kadai recycled Firebowl 70 cm
  • For eight or more people: Kadai recycled Firebowl 80 cm

This product also comes with the best Kadai Accessories like Kadai beads (minimises heat), a tongs, removable grill, and wire brushes.

You might also see large kadai firebowls available in two different sizes, 100 cm, and 120 cm, respectively.

Kadai Firebowl Table

A Kadai Firebowl Table is a beautiful addition to your outdoor kitchen. It is very easy to use, plus when placed with curved benches, it would give a traditional look to your garden. 

A very new firebowl table is designed especially for patios, decks and terrace areas where you can enjoy barbequing and relaxing at the same time. 

Kadai for Travelling

A Kadai for Travelling is very compact and easy to carry with its own duffle bag. They are specifically made for your outings like when you wish to go for wild-like camping, adventurous trip, or a small get-together with friends. 

It is around a 40cm grill that can be used for direct cooking or with the help of a Travel hook and skillet, which will give you enough space for cooking. It comes with accessories like a Kadai bowl, grill, stand, kadai beads, and a cotton duffle bag (as mentioned above). It is, therefore, a stand-alone barbeque that is perfect for your mini-vacation.

A Recycled Kit

The Kadai Firebowl is made of recycled materials, which has a minimal environmental impact. Even then, it is unique and stylish. Thus, making it a greater addition to your outdoor kitchen.

With different size options, you can thus choose the Kadai that will fit your outdoor kitchen space. And remember the accessories that come along with it.

To conclude, the Kadai Firebowls are a very good option as they are practical, with the best craftsmanship, and are environmentally friendly. It is perfect for intimate gatherings and larger celebrations as they are available in different sizes. 

Buying a Kadai firebowl from BBQs 2u is advisable as you can get that peace of mind from ordering to delivering the products.

You can check their customer reviews on their Instagram page. Also, you will get a 5-year warranty with fantastic customer support. For more offers and pricing, visit their website and chat with customer care.