Top 5 Beaches in Mandalika That You Must Visit



Because Mandalika has great tourism potential and gorgeous natural scenery, it is only natural that Mandalika is inaugurated as a Special Economic Zone for tourists is because the tourism potential in Mandalika is also very promising. It is starting from the charm of the beach to the natural scenery under the sea, which is very stunning.

With a very large bay and wide white sand, many local and foreign tourists fall in love with this place. The calm, beautiful, and comfortable atmosphere will spoil your free time. If you want to visit Central Lombok, there are several beautiful beaches that you must visit. Here are five rows of attractive and beautiful choices of beaches that have been confirmed to be clean and comfortable.

  1. Seger Beach

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Mandalika is Seger Beach. With a unique and beautiful landscape, this beach also has many tourist activities. Therefore, Seger Beach is also a prima donna in Mandalika Lombok.

You can enjoy white sandy beaches, challenging waves for surfing, and clusters of amazing hills enjoyed from a distance on this beach. Not to mention the exciting arrangement of coral reefs to explore through snorkeling. Seger Beach is wonderful and will amaze you. With rocks and soft sand that is beautiful and perfect. Moreover, the small hills there will make you feel in Raja Ampat.

  1. Tanjung Aan Beach

If you are looking for a beach that is not so crowded, Tanjung Aan Beach can be the best alternative to visit when you travel to Mandalika. Besides being quieter, this beach presents a unique natural charm. Tanjung Aan can be said to be the prima donna in the Mandalika area, Central Lombok. The sea water is turquoise, white beaches with soft sand, so it looks amazing. This beach also offers exotic spots for those of you who like to take pictures. Not only that, on this beach you can also watch a gorgeous sunset.

For those who have a snorkeling hobby, Tanjung Aan Beach is a spot that you should not miss. Because the beach is not too deep and the water is calm, it is certainly very suitable for diving.

  1. Gerupuk Beach

For those of you who like surfing, Gerupuk Beach is certainly not to be missed. Gerupuk Beach is known to have big and beautiful sea waves. Therefore, this beach is one of the best surfing spots in Lombok. There are five popular surfing spots on this beach, namely Teong (Dondon), Prigi (Inside), Giligoleng (Outside), Batu Lawang (Kids Point), and Terasaq (Outside Left). Not only because of the sensation of the waves that international surfers recognize, but this beach also has the characteristic beauty of the beaches in Lombok, namely soft white sand and surrounded by beautiful green hills.

  1. Kuta Beach Mandalika

Kuta Beach is one of the most famous beaches in the Mandalika area. Especially if you see this view of Kuta Beach from Mandalika Hill. You can enjoy a charming beach landscape, with white sand and clear sea water. In addition, the cluster of coral reefs with the pounding of the big ocean waves is an interesting sight. This beautiful beach is surrounded by shady trees and several gazebos that visitors can use to rest or shelter from the hot sun.

The famous Kuta Beach is even more complete with a hillside backdrop that is the entrance to the Mandalika SEZ. Kuta Beach is so beautiful and fun.

  1. Serenting Beach

Another interesting beach that you can visit is Serenting Beach. Located not far from Seger Beach, Serenting Beach has a panorama that is no less beautiful. The friendly atmosphere makes it ideal for traveling with families. All beach activities with the family can be done here in its wide soft sand or in its shallow waters.

Serenting Beach which is flanked by hills makes it overgrown by shady plants around the coast. However, you should not miss the beautiful view from the top of the hill, because you can see a cluster of beaches with coral reefs under the clear water. This beach also tends to be quiet, so it is suitable to be used as a place to relax without much disturbance.

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