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The major headache for home and office owners when shifting to a new location is moving furniture and other goods seamlessly. Professional removalists solve this problem by managing the entire process right from packing to unpacking. Thus, you are free to concentrate on different aspects of shifting. Nuss Removals in Sydney offers services for local, interstate and international shifting of goods. In addition, the company also offers warehouses for long and short term storage of goods.

Moving service

A major part of household and office goods include furniture. Nuss Removals has immense experience in packing and moving all kinds of furniture items such as beds, sofas, dining tables, conference tables, desks, chairs, wardrobe, cabinetry and more. The company has carpenters disassemble furniture pieces and reassemble them after unpacking at the final location. Large furniture items such as grand pianos or pool tables are handled using specialised tools. Fragile furniture pieces and antique furniture are handled with extra care and are packed using special materials for extra protection. Furniture blankets and other cushioning materials protect the furniture pieces against jerks and shocks during transit. Altogether, Nuss exercises maximum caution to safely deliver the furniture items to the target location. For quality reliablehouse and furniture removals – Nuss Removals.

A full range of best quality packing materials is used for the furniture and other goods. A fleet of specialised trucks and trailers is always available for transportation. The vehicles are modified to secure the goods firmly during transit and prevent breakage.

Storage service

Furniture and other goods can be stored at Nuss’s storage warehouse for short or long periods. Storage service by Nuss can be availed if you cannot fit all the goods in your new house/office or getting your house renovated and want temporary storage for your household goods, or you are travelling overseas and want to store your belongings for that time period.

Nusssends trucks to the customer’s location to pick up the goods. This is very convenient for the customer as there is no need for the customer to arrange transport to ferry the goods to the warehouse. The goods are packed inside wooden or steel storage containers, which are called storage units. The number of containers required depends upon the size and number of goods. The containers are numbered and labelled to identify the contents of each container.

Antique items, artworks and expensive electronic gadgets can be safely stored in the warehouses. The warehouses are kept under strict security 24/7. Adequate protective mechanisms are in place to prevent damage to the goods by fire, rain or pests. Full proof access control ensures that only authorised personnel get entry into the warehouses.

Retrieval of goods is easy as a breeze. The containers are labelled and inventoried. Thus, there is no confusion at the time of retrieval, and the correct containers are located quickly. The goods are delivered to the address of the customer.

Nuss does not charge a storage fee based on the number of storage units. Instead, the customers pay based on the rate per cubic metre of space occupied. Home inspections carried out by experts determine the space that a particular set of goods would occupy, and a quick price quote is provided to the customer on its basis.

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