University of Phoenix Offers Easy Credit Transfer Options

Are you looking to reduce the time and expense of completing a college degree? At University of Phoenix, your credits from other academic institutions, life experiences and military service can all reduce the amount of time and money it takes to finish a degree program.

By applying for transfer credit, you can not only save on tuition costs but also accelerate your path to graduation. On average, University of Phoenix students who are working toward a bachelor’s degree and who have prior college credits and applicable life experience save $11,000 and a full year off their degree program.

University of Phoenix professionals can help guide you through the process by assisting with application completion. They can also answer questions about earning credit for other courses you have taken, serving your country or your professional work experience.

Simple Process to Apply for Transfer Credit

To take advantage of transfer credits, you first need to apply to University of Phoenix. Once you have completed an application, you need to complete a simple Transfer Release Form to get the process going.

In most cases, University of Phoenix will issue a formal request for your transcript on your behalf. That means you do not have to pay related costs to get a transcript from any other academic institutions.

If you are a military student, the University will request your Joint Service Transcript (JST) on your behalf from whichever branch of the military you serve or have served.

Please note that transcript requests can take anywhere from 5-20 days. Also, some academic institutions require that students request their transcripts directly and will not release them to University of Phoenix without your involvement.

Once University of Phoenix receives and reviews your transcript, you will be notified regarding which prior credits have been accepted and credited to your degree program.

Benefits of Transferring Credits to University of Phoenix

There are several advantages to transferring credit to University of Phoenix. Here are the top reasons:

  • Free transcript requests: University of Phoenix handles both the costs and the process of requesting an academic credit in all situations where possible.
  • Saving time: When you transfer credits, you can greatly shorten the time it takes to earn an associate or bachelor’s degree. Depending on the number of credits accepted, that transfer can shave months off the time it takes to complete a University of Phoenix degree program.
  • Saving money: Each credit you transfer means more money saved on your University of Phoenix education. 
  • Non-traditional credit matters. At University of Phoenix, life experiences and military service count. Let your lived experiences help you get closer to your academic goals.

What Credits Count for Transfer at University of Phoenix 

There is no cost for the credits that you transfer toward your University of Phoenix degree program.

University of Phoenix has established relationships with 19 institutional accrediting bodies regarding transferring credit. Student work with a minimum grade of a C- from institutions on this list of institutions with established active articulation agreements will be evaluated for credit.

Please note that not all universities use the same units of credit for their courses. Transfer credits that use a different measuring formula will be subject to a conversion formula before they are transferred.

In addition, a maximum of 30 credits can be transferred via exams administered by approved national testing programs including Advanced Placement exams (AP), College Level Examination Program (CLEP), Excelsior, Berlitz and DANTES (DSST).

If you have already completed your associate degree, the 3+1 Transfer Pathway lets students transfer 87 credits, or the equivalent of three years of academic work, from a participating community college.

Transferring Military Credit

A University enrollment representative can assist with determining whether prior military experience and training can be applied toward University of Phoenix transfer credit. Active-duty military personnel pursuing an undergraduate degree may also qualify for discounted fees per credit with University of Phoenix and may be eligible for a resource fee waiver. In addition, G.I. Bill benefits may be used to pay for a University of Phoenix education.

Active-duty personnel and veterans can list their previous military experience on their application and sign a Transfer Request Form. University personnel will request a transcript on your behalf and evaluate military experience using credit recommendations developed by the American Council for Education (ACE). 

Work and Life Credit

A University of Phoenix enrollment representative can assist with applying a Prior Learning Assessment and awarding college credit for your work and life experiences. They can also guide you toward alternative credit providers and national testing programs that can help you save. 

International Credits Can Transfer

University of Phoenix can evaluate academic credentials from many international colleges and universities or, if unable to, can direct students to an agency that can. Note that foreign language transcripts require a certified English translation.

About University of Phoenix

Established in 1976, University of Phoenix offers courses and degree programs for adult learners. Students can use an online platform or select from in-person class locations to complete  associate, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree programs and certificates in many fields of study.

At University of Phoenix, faculty members who are experienced practitioners develop and teach courses. Students have access to extensive services including academic support, career services, library resources and other tools to support them on their journey toward degree completion. Classes begin at regular intervals to allow students flexibility for starting and finishing their degree programs.

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