What Is The Latest Price Of Silver Today?


Silver is a popular element used in the industrial and jewelry industry today. It has a soft, white, and lustrous transition metal. The characteristics of silver have attracted people to this element. Silver-made jewelry is worn as an accessory and used on jewelry. Silver is also used as a part of apparel.

Many silver collectors are trying to get this piece in jewelry, such as earrings and necklaces. But, some would agree to collect them and display them. The addiction to collecting silver turned out to be not a hobby today because some are using it as an investment. The silver price today has been updated.

Check the silver price chart in Hong Kong.

Silver price per gram

Based on the recorded price of silver in Hong Kong, the spot price per gram is $0.72, and the price today is €0.67. When you are selling silver per gram, there are different prices according to the kind, such as:

  • Fine silver
  • Sterling
  • 500 silver

Expect that fine Silver costs more than the other two.

Is silver in Hong Kong pricey?

The silver price is $0.75 per gram and $746.00 per kilo. When buying silver in Hong Kong, you can check the quoted prices in the local currency. Silver is quoted by three different weights:

  • Ounce
  • Gram
  • Kilo

If you purchase silver, you can have it per ounce, and so on. Silver coins were used by merchants in the history of the production of silver coinage. Trading silver today has become a major investment. The prices of this precious metal have continually elevated which makes the demand rise.

It is a great chance for investors to purchase silver today and produce a finished product at higher prices. Many silver collectors are waiting for these pieces to become available, especially those addicted to jewelry. These people can’t resist the temptation of buying jewelry, not only for collection purposes but also as an investment.

Magnet test

If you are confused or suspicious whether the silver you buy is real, you can do the magnet test. Since you decide to make silver as an investment, it is best to check through magnet testing. Look for a magnet and see if it is drawn to your object. Silver is not magnetic and it exhibits only weak magnetic effects. When the magnet sticks strongly to the piece, it is not silver because it has a ferromagnetic core.

Can you pawn silver?

Silver is considered a precious metal, aside from gold, and it is always in high demand. You can see silver items to anyone or in a pawnshop when you want to and get a good price. Silver is a precious metal that can be used as material for making jewelry or a decorative bag and other apparel.

Silver has a stunning characteristic that makes it pricey, though it is less in price than gold. Still, silver is best-selling and many are collectors. Some pawn it for some reason and that makes this precious metal a great investment and asset.