When it comes to consulting a doctor for fertility issues, there are often many doubts that crop up in the minds of the couple. This is simply because nobody is known to all the details regarding the IVF treatment and somehow reading ample amount of information on the internet is not sufficient. Having an experienced by your side can help a lot since it becomes easy to go through the entire process without facing any kind of inconvenience.

When we talk about specialists and for that matter a doctor who is a specialist in infertility in Delhi, there is no one better than Dr. Kuldeep Jain. He has an impeccable record to his name which proves that his dedication to his work has helped a lot of couples start a new family.

The best reviewed doctor, Dr. Kuldeep Jain is one of the best IVF doctors in Delhi, Faridabad. His desire to help the couples who are suffering under the plight of failure of conceiving, helped him to build such a big empire of KJIVF where IVF treatment and other services are provided at its best.

The physical, emotional and financial challenges that are faced by the couples have been considered and kept in check at KJIVF and the IVF treatment provided is absolutely ideal and customer friendly.

Dr. Kuldeep Jain has performed and offered great medical services to the patients at his medical facility – KJ IVF. Here, with the help of high tech laboratories and professional medical care, the IVF process is carried out with utmost needs, keeping in mind the comfort of the patient.

Establishes in 2003, KJ IVF proudly shares all the advanced medical services that are available for the infertile couples. These services include:

  • Expert Gynecological & Infertility Consultation
  • Ultrasound
  • Medical Treatment including IVF, IUI, ICSI, Egg/ Sperm Donation
  • Cryo-preservation
  • Surgery
  • Hospital Admission

All of these services are made available under one roof. Such varied and advanced medical services available at one spot makes KJ IVF the best IVF center to look for when one faces fertility issues.

Dr. Kuldeep Jain, M.D, founder and director of KJ IVF, has specialized and trained in IVF & endoscopy at KKIVF, Singapore and Awarded fellowship in ART, KKIVF Singapore. He is a laparoscopy Surgeon, Senior Infertility & IVF consultant. With his determination and hard work helped him motivate and open his first IVF center in East Delhi. With his experienced expertise in the areas of infertility, he has managed to write numerous chapters on Infertility, Ultrasound & Embryology in Books. He also has been a proud recipient of the appreciation excellence Award from IMA Rajdhani Gaurav Samman from Social Organizations. Recently, he was also awarded with the ChikitsakRatna, a highly esteemed award given to the doctors for their impeccable performance throughout their career.

With more than 28 years of experience and 14000+ successful surgeries, KJ IVF has been one of the top recommended IVF treatment centers in entire Delhi.

Dr. Kuldeep Jain, who has been a part of this journey through the start has ensured individualized medical care of the patients throughout all these years. He has been a part of

  • Past President– Indian Fertility Society, Founder Secretary- Indian Fertility Society
  • Organizing Secretary LOC Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies -2016
  • Formerly reader, UCMS & GTB Hospital, India
  • Ex-President, East Delhi Gynecologists Forum

All of these have been the past achievements that Dr. Kuldeep Jain achieved with his medical excellence. He still continues to benefit the society by being an active member of various organizations and committees that have been established for the betterment of people who suffer from such medical issues. He takes pride in becoming a part of

  • Member Educational Committee, International Federation of Fertility Societies.
  • Member International Scientific Exchange Committee Federation of Obstetric and Gynaecological Societies.
  • Executive Member, Association of Obstetricians &Gynaecologists of India
  • Co-Chair Infertility Committee Association of Obstetricians &Gynaecologists of India

By being a part of such organizations, Dr. Kuldeep Jain has proved himself once again that he would not stop sharing his knowledge and will not stop putting it to use until each and every patient that arrives at the doorstep of KJ IVF return home satisfied and sound.

Apart from being a highly reputed member of all these organizations, he also is a methodical doctor who loves to puts his years of accumulated experience on paper. He has been an active writer and published a lot of his work in scientific journals and articles. We can proudly say that all his work is present with us in documented form. He has published his works in more than 45 research papers published in not only national but international journals as well. He is also the Editor In-chief of Fertility Science & Research, official Journal of Indian Fertility Society. He has become an inspiration to many budding doctors by publishing a book under his name. He is the author of book titled IVF techniques for Beginners. With this book, many young doctors as well as the common book reading audience has benefitted since the IVF techniques are explained with such simplicity.

He has become a renowned name in and around Delhi and around India due to his stellar performance. Internationally, he has developed a very sophisticated niche for himself in the grounds of IVF doctors and infertility specialists. He has delivered more than 300invited lectures at national & international conferences.

Having an organization with experienced doctor and teams by your side, there is no room for doubt or danger. Services provided other than IVF that are IUI, ICSI, Laparoscopy and hysteroscopy, sperm bank, psychosexual counselling give the patients a vast area of fertility related issues to explore. KJ IVF also addresses the issue of male infertility- which has been an ignored are of concern amongst the couples. Al the major and minor gynecological surgeries are performed at KJ IVF.

Get reviewed and consulted by DR. Kuldeep Jain, one of the best IVF doctor in Delhi.