Why choose home security cameras for your home?


What does a home security camera system entail exactly? It is the monitoring of the outside (and sometimes inside) space by means of an interconnected camera system. The surveillance system is an important component of a home security system and it is one of the most crucial elements that must be considered in the selection of security devices.

When selecting surveillance equipment, consider several factors. For example, determine the location where the surveillance system will be installed. Make sure to have enough camera units to cover the area you want to keep an eye on and find software that is compatible with any IP camera you choose to install.

A trusted provider in surveillance systems

Surveillance systems are available in many different shapes and sizes. Depending on your needs and budget you can select from several options that are available to you. One popular surveillance system for home security cameras is Synology. The Synology camera system is designed with high-tech, high resolution security cameras that provide you the highest levels of surveillance.

The Synology start-up system is equipped with five surveillance cameras that cover the front, back, sides and corners of the home. The Synology hardware in combination with its high-quality and NAS storage unit allows for 360 degrees surveillance and room for expansion of the system.

Add cameras to your system

If your current set-up is not covering every area you want to monitor, consider adding some IP cameras. The Synology system allows for additional cameras, independent of brand and type. The only thing you need is an additional Synology license. With this license, you’re able to add any IP camera to your system. You can also choose to purchase license packs that contain 4 or 8 licenses; this allows you to add more cameras in one go.

You can purchase licenses online through official Synology partners. By placing your order and finalizing your payment, you immediately receive your license (pack) in your inbox. This means you never have to wait for any registration or shipment, nor do you need to wait for installment. Activate your license, and add the IP cameras you want to keep your house safe.

Why add a camera surveillance system to your house?

Surveillance systems for home security cameras are very affordable and can easily be installed without professional help. This is a great investment that gives you peace of mind when you are away from your home. You can choose from several surveillance options including wired or wireless, as well as different lenses and resolution for better image quality. These cameras also use low energy consumption technology, which helps to reduce your electric bill. You will get a clearer picture and a quiet night of sleep when you have these security cameras installed at your home.