Working from home? Get a standup desk!


If the pandemic has forced you to work from home, it’s important to have a designated workspace. One of the first things you must buy is a desk. Instead of settling for a standard executive desk, consider investing in a standup desk, also often called a sit-stand desk, or conversion desk. Health experts agree that sitting in the same position can impact a person’s spinal condition and cause back problem. With PrimeCables stand up desks, you can switch between positions easily. Here’s what you must know about these desks. 

Are standup desks easy to use?

Yes, absolutely. A standup desk allows you to move between sitting and standing positions, often at the touch of one button. It depends on the kind of desk you use. In general, there are three options – manual, hydraulic and electric. An electric standup desk can be really handy, with additional features and technologies. For instance, the desk can actually buzz when you have been in one position for a long time. Also, unlike manual desks, these are super easy to manage and adjust. 

How much will one cost?

Again, that depends on the type of standup desk you want to buy. Electric variants are expensive, and at the least, you can expect to pay somewhere around $200 or more for basic models. In most cases, the tabletop wouldn’t be included in that price. Online stores have some really good deals, offers and discounts on standup desks, and you can find some really nice options within a small budget. 

Other factors that matter

There are a few things that determine the cost of a standup desk. For instance, is assembly required? What is the weight capacity of the desk? What is the height adjustment range? Does it have a cooling pad on the tabletop for your laptop? Does the brand offer any warranty on the product? Make sure that you check the weight capacity of the standup desk at the least, especially if you need to use more than one monitor. 

Final verdict

A standup desk is just the right investment for a home office. You can always choose to save money by opting for a manual one, but think of this as something you would be using for the next couple of years. Spending $300 or more on an electric standup desk is never a bad idea. The tabletop can be further customized or purchased as you need.