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Perfection in the Gold Purchase Options Now

Perfection in the Gold Purchase Options Now

As a rule, gold coins are recommended for gold investment for several reasons. Due to the smaller denominations, you can buy them regularly to save money. And if the worst comes to the worst, sell the gold investment more easily. From the Gold buyers Melbourne you can expect the best results now. The disadvantage of gold coins is the sometimes considerable price range because when buying gold coins, you pay a premium of up to 10% above the current gold price. The smaller the coin, the higher the premium is. As an investor, one should therefore take into account that these surcharges must be offset by increases in the value of the gold investment. Some of the most famous and most traded gold coins are:

  • Maple Leaf from Canada
  • Krugerrand from South Africa
  • Vienna Philharmonic from Austria
  • American Eagle from the USA
  • Kangaroo from Australia

Gold Bar

Gold bars are available in many sizes from 1g – 50 and 100 gram gold bars are popular. Here, too, the following applies: the smaller the bar, the higher the percentage price premium (and vice versa). Here, too, the tip: Better to buy smaller units for gold investments more often and continuously, for the same reasons as with gold coins.

Investing In Gold: Bars or Coins?

Heavy gold bars are generally the best choice for gold investments if you can afford them. Because the profit margin that the dealer keeps when selling is lowest in percentage terms with large amounts of gold. The smaller the bar, the greater the dealer’s premium will be in relation to the gold price. For comparison: ten bars of 100 grams each are significantly more expensive than a single 1 kilo bar, even though it is the same amount of gold. Simply Click here to know more about it.

This disadvantage also applies to coins. Smaller units, however, have the advantage that the gold investment can be traded in individual pieces as required and thus easily sold in times of crisis. If you only have one large bar, you can only sell it as a whole, not parts of it. If you want to invest in gold, the decision depends on the amount of money invested. A mix of gold coins and gold bars is definitely recommended.

Gold Depots

In recent years banks have offered so-called gold deposits. You do not physically own the gold, but it is collected by the banks for customers.

Gold ETF, Gold ETC, Gold Stocks

Another way to invest in gold is to offer gold-related securities, such as gold certificates or gold mining stocks. Exchange-traded commodities (ETC) are a popular form of investment. With some providers, investors actually buy physical gold. And it can even be delivered on request, as is the case with the German “Xetra Gold” (www.xetra-gold.com).

Gold ETF

Gold ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are an investment that has become increasingly popular in recent years. With these gold-backed index funds, you benefit from the development of the gold price without having to physically buy and store the gold. Because gold ETF usually has to deposit a corresponding amount of gold for the fund shares sold, gold ETF providers are now among the largest buyers and sellers of physical gold. And with their funds they also have a strong influence on the gold price.