Read to Know About a Few Popular Forklift Attachments to Use with Slip Sheet


As the industries related to material handling are evolving, one area that is continuously growing is the slip sheets applications to transport and handle various products rather than using traditional pallets.

What a slip sheet is?

Slip sheets are usually thin sheets made of paper, plastic, or corrugated material that are available in many shapes and sizes to fit many different needs. 

Similar to a pallet, slip sheets can be placed below a load and also used for pushing or pulling the load on and off from the forks or platens of a forklift.

Top Industries have also used slipsheet forklift for many projects.

How does a push/pull attachment work?

The attachment draws the cargo onto the flat, wide prongs by grabbing the slip sheet’s lip. Your current forklift can become a dynamic load-handling device that can manage both pallets and slip sheets with the addition of a push/pull forklift attachment.

Things to consider before buying a slip sheet attachment

For many companies, especially those that handle: slip sheets are a more affordable option than pallets.

But not every operation benefits equally from slip sheets. The structural support of a wooden pallet may be preferred in applications that handle unequal or unbalanced loads.

It will take some time for a push/pull attachment to pay for itself in low-throughput applications.

Consider the characteristics you’d like on your push/pull forklift attachment in case slip sheets appear to be a suitable fit for your operation.

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Ability to handle pallets as well as slip sheets
  • An attachment that is easily removable 
  • Hydraulically-position able outer platens
  • Roller forks rather than standard platens
  • Can be used on both Class II and Class III trucks
  • Superior visibility

You can select from a few of the most popular configurations for the following applications:

  • Agricultural products
  • Bottled beverages
  • Cased food
  • Cement
  • Cosmetics
  • Electronics
  • Seed
  • Textiles

Common forklift attachments

  • Fork positioner

A rapid hydraulically powered alternative to manual fork repositioning is provided by fork positioners. They come in handy when handling pallets of various widths frequently.

  • Side-shifters 

The carriage/fork assembly can move in a variety of side-to-side, off-centre directions thanks to the side-usage shifters of two-way hydraulic cylinders. With this movement, stacking activities become more exact, and less precise truck positioning is required.

  • Rotators

When weight dumping or load inversion is necessary, rotators can be attached to uprights. The hydraulically powered system has a 360⁰ rotational range.

  • Carton clamps

These clamps firmly clamp consistent, square slip-sheet loads using big, flat side plates and 2-way cylinders. These loads without pallets reduce usable storage space by up to 10%.

  • Paper roll clamps

These upright attachments’ curved arm shape makes them perfect for handling rolled or spherical goods like paper rolls or drums.

  • Push/pull Pac 

The Push/Pull attachment’s idea is to help the truck handle slip-sheet-stacked (pallet-less) goods. This attachment is helpful for loading a car or van since it slides underneath the cargo and pushed it off.

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