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Themes to Consider When Designing a Playground

Themes to Consider When Designing a Playground

In today’s times when young ones are stuck to the phones, computers, and other technology; it is essential to keep them active. And what is better than a playground for this! In the recent times, themed playgrounds have been taking over the traditional ones. They not only add to the aesthetics of the play area but are also known to have other benefits like inspiring creativity in children, boosting confidence through role play, making learning fun and great versatility. 

Theme adds the wow factor that can create a memorable experience in the minds of children. Themes will make the kids keep coming back!

 If you have been planning to have a theme for designing a playground; you might be daunted by the number of alternatives available. The options are many but below are mentioned top 3 themes children will truly love:

1] Nature 

With highly urbanized living; a nature themed playground can get children closer to nature. They will feel affiliated with the lush green trees and waterfall slides! They will swing on ropes and run-on bridges and will realize the power of nature to rejuvenate the soul! Nature also includes the animal theme; wherein your children can hop around the wild and enjoy to the fullest.

2] Castles 

Let children live their fairy-tale dreams when they play around in the playground! Castles appeal to a wide range of kids and since many of them fantasize of being a character they see on the television or read stories about; Castles are a commonly considered theme. The castle playground could have bridges, climbers, tall towers, slides and so much more! 

3] Educational 

What’s better than learning as you play along? A pre-historic, scientific, mathematical are a few themes you could go for! Add slides with numbers, make use of planets, have dinosaurs and so on! 

Add plenty of bright and attractive colours and let your imagination run wild. You can choose anything from something as intriguing as Star Wars to something as boring as maths! There are services that customize playground sets in accordance with your preference. Inspire Play playground sets are one of them. The company has been working for 25 years, delivering the visualized playgrounds in their best form! 

You can adopt a complete themed design or add certain elements. Whatever you do, make sure you create an immersive play area where your child not only enjoys but also grows!