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Choosing a Flower Girl for Your Wedding

Choosing a Flower Girl for Your Wedding

Before you can look at flower girl dresses, you need to choose the right flower girl for your wedding. The flower girl has an important role in a wedding ceremony, but the bride and groom can occasionally find it difficult to choose the right person. 

The Age

When it comes to your flower girl, the age will play a role. Flower girls are typically between the ages of four and six. However, sometimes younger girls can fulfill the role but sometimes the role can be a little too daunting for them. Usually, girls over the age of 8 are chosen for junior bridesmaids instead of flower girls. 

The Relationship with Your Flower Girl

Your flower girl should already have a relationship with you so that she feels comfortable and not anxious for the big day. Family is usually the top choice when it comes to picking a flower girl. If there aren’t any girls that are suitable for the role in your family then many couples consider children of close friends.  

The Right Fit

If it’s important to you for your flower girl to follow the program and you want to be a stickler for details then you will want someone who can perform in the role. If the girl you choose doesn’t show any interest or is too shy then it may not be the best fit.  

You Can Have More Than One Flower Girl

There are really no rules when it comes to picking your flower girl and you are allowed to have more than one. If you have three relatives that you can’t pick between, consider having all three in the role. Formal weddings always have more than one flower girl so having more than one can make your wedding seem more elegant. If you do have more than one flower girl, you can consider some other tasks for each. You can choose matching flower girl dresses or have each girl in slightly different ones for different roles. For example, they can pass out favors or toss confetti. With some creativity, every young family member you want can be a part of your special day. 

Don’t Forget to Talk to the Parents

You shouldn’t ask a child directly about being a flower girl even if she is a close family member. You also want to wait to discuss the matter with parents unless you are sure you are choosing their daughter for the role. Tradition says that parents are gong to pay for the flower girl dresses and the accessories, even if the bride chooses the dress. Of course, you can always pay for it yourself but no matter what, the parents should be consulted. 

Talk to the Child

While many young girls will enjoy the role and feel like a princess on your day in a flower girl dress, don’t forget to talk to the child to make sure she is comfortable.