Home Business How to Handle Imports in Canada so that your Cargo is Cleared Easily and Swiftly?

How to Handle Imports in Canada so that your Cargo is Cleared Easily and Swiftly?

How to Handle Imports in Canada so that your Cargo is Cleared Easily and Swiftly?

Import brokers are the only people who can expedite the clearance of your goods at customs. That said, not all brokers are equally efficient. It’s one thing to promote the idea of swift clearance at customs, but it’s entirely different when it has to be executed practically. Which is why it’s important that you hire only elite customs brokers like the Clearit import brokers if you want to experience a truly hassle free import. This guide will actually take you through some features that make Clearit so trustworthy and also the many services that they offer. 

Let’s get started with the features first. 

  1. It’s Easy to Hire Them

You won’t have to chase them again and again to handle your orders. Once you sign up on their website, an agent will be allotted. The agent will be the handler from thereon. They’ll take it upon themselves to ensure all the documents are complete before filing for clearance at customs. 

  1. They Will Send an Agent at the Site of Clearance

An import agent will tend to your order(s) during the entire time the clearance is taking place. The agents will make sure that:

  • The cargo has arrived undamaged. 
  • All the items are present. 
  1. Transportation and Warehousing Post Clearance

They understand that warehousing at customs can be really expensive. Hence they partner with some of the safest and cheapest transportation firms in Canada that’ll safely transport and unload your goods in a warehouse that’ll be much cheaper than it would have been at customs. 

  1. They’re Omnipresent Throughout Canada

Clearit leaves no port or crossway in Canada uncovered. So, whether your cargo has taken the aerial route or is arriving by sea or road, they’re present everywhere to help with swift cargo clearance. 

Now, let’s take you through a couple of services that they have to offer. 

  1. Car Importing Services

Clearit makes it very easy to import cars in Canada without any trouble. 

  • They generate the ITN number in just 125 dollars.
  • They submit all the documents to Automotive Export Control 72 hour before the arrival of goods. 
  • They make sure that all Duties & Taxes are paid to Canada Customs.

The combined cost for all services (including ITN) is just 389.99 dollars. 

  1. NRI Services

NRI are non-resident importers who want to import goods in Canada and sell them without being physically present in the country. And Clearit has designed the NRI plan exclusively for such people. All you have to do is sign up with the Clearit NRI program and they’ll soon after start handling your orders. 

Do visit the Clearit Canada website for more details about all the services we have listed above and more.