The Advantage Of Selling Unused Gold Jewellery


Every year Australians spend millions of dollars on jewellery and watches. Gold jewellery is a brilliant gift for birthdays and other occasions. You can also buy gold jewellery as a treat for yourself.

Most people hardly wear all the jewellery they have. It can go unused for years to a point where the owner forgets that they even have a particular piece of gold jewellery. Because it is virtually impossible to wear all the jewellery you have, more than 40% of Australians have gold jewellery that is just collecting dust somewhere at home.

If you want to free up space and earn some money. Then selling your unused gold jewellery is the perfect solution for you. There are more benefits to selling gold jewellery to gold buyers than just purely financial reasons.

Selling your gold jewellery can help give you space and clarity not just in your home but in your head as well. Think about all those jewellery pieces you have acquired through the years that hold bad or painful memories. Wouldn’t you like to get rid of them and make some cash in the process?

Selling unused and old gold jewellery can help clear up space

Since “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” aired on Netflix in 2019, over a million people have been following her on social media looking for tips to de-clutter their homes and their lives. Kondo’s philosophy is that de-cluttering your home should be about seeking joy. This means you don’t hold on to things that do not spark happiness. The whole premise of Mary Kondo’s philosophy is that clearing your home and getting rid of things that do not serve you is a great way to clear the mind. You don’t have to agree with the philosophy to see the wisdom of keeping yourself organized. Jewellery is not the exception. Styles change and your taste might also change with time. If you can’t decide which jewellery you should be clearing out, think of the last time you wore a particular piece. If you can’t even remember when you last wore something then it might be time to get the gold jewellery a new home by selling it to a gold buyer who will find something useful to do with it.

It’s a great way to generate some cash when you need to 

When you are short of cash, the easiest thing you can do is to find gold jewellery that you have no use for and sell that to gold buyers near you. The amount of money you are likely to make depends on certain factors

  • The material used to make the jewellery
  • The quality or purity of the gold used to make the jewellery
  • Weight of  the gold jewellery
  • The age or condition of your jewellery
  • If there is a historical significance

Solid gold with a high karat value is sure to fetch a good price. A lot of gold jewellery that is sold is gold plated jewellery. It might look good when it is still new so before you approach a gold buyer with your gold you need to make sure that you have a piece of solid gold jewellery with a good karat value. If you are not sure of the quality of the piece of gold, you can have it tested.

It is good for the environment

Gold is a unique, precious metal that is available in limited quantities. The good thing about this metal is that it is recyclable. This is important especially now with the global climate crisis we currently face. If mines production is slowing down and gold producers don’t have to start from scratch to make new gold products, this can be good for lowering the amount of energy that these industries consume.

Gold is a valuable metal but unless it is vintage or has some historical significance holding on to it will not increase its value. Gold coins and bars are the common products that are bought and sold as investment-grade gold products. Gold jewellery on the other hand only appreciates if it has been around for over 30 years or if it is made by a specific designer brand. Even that is no guarantee that you can sell your used gold for a good price. If you need money, cash in your used gold jewellery now instead of just keeping it and hoping it will be worth a fortune in 10 years.