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Discover Vetsend, a great company for your animal

Discover Vetsend, a great company for your animal

Vetsend, it is a company that sells a lot of products for different types of animals. It as a great store for every pet owner. We are not just talking about dogs and cats here. We are also talking about sheep, reptiles, alpacas, et cetera. Vetsend offers you the best products for the animal you own. Are you interested in the history of this great company and what it has to offer you? Then this text is for you! All the information you need in a short blog. Keep reading in the case you want to find out more about this great online store.

The history of Vetsend

In the United Kingdom it is called Vetsend. In other countries you will find it under the name of Medpets. This store was founded in 2007. In the UK it became a thing in 2016. The company began as an online pet pharmacy. It has now grown into much more than that. You can buy food on here as well as toys, medicine like worm, flea and tick medicine, you can buy horse rugs and many more items. Their slogan? “For your pet’s health”. A company that does everything to keep your animal healthy. How lovely?

Only the best food

Did you know that Vetsend (or Medpets, however you want to call it) only uses the best food available? This company doesn’t use any chemicals in their food and there are no genetically manipulated ingredients in the food. Only completely organic products. The best there is for your pet. That is what you should want and that is exactly what Vetsend offers you. One of the benefits of this amazing store. Besides the best products you can get some free tips. Do you want to know more about that? You will read it in the next paragraph.

Free tips

On the website of Vetsend there are some short articles about frequently asked questions. Those articles are written by a real veterinarian. You can also e-mail this veterinarian yourself when you can’t find what you were looking for. Do you need some tips from a real professional? Go to the site and search for a matching item or e-mail the veterinarian with your question. Oh by the way, this is completely free of charge! Now you can make sure your pet gets the best care ever and you don’t even need to pay for it.

This was a little bit of information about a company called Vetsend (or Medpets in other countries). It was founded in 2007. It already was an amazing company right at the start and it has only gotten better since then. It started as a simple online pet pharmacy, now it has way more to offer you. Toys, horse rugs, food, et cetera. Talking about the food, it is 100% organic. This means there are no genetically manipulated ingredients in it and also no chemicals are used. Everything for your pet’s health. You see what we did there? A sentence created by their own slogan. A good way to end this short text.