Wholesale Medical Supplies


Wholesale medical suppliers provide medical equipment and supplies to a broad range of healthcare providers. General customers include home health agencies, nursing homes, schools, government agencies, hospitals and physicians. They offer both brand name and generic products. 

Diagnostic Equipment and Other Medical Equipment

Diagnostic equipment from wholesale medical suppliers includes blood pressure, stethoscopes, defibrillators, otoscopes, patient monitors and much more. Much of the medical equipment comes with options, too. For example, you can find defib pedi pads for patients under the age of 8. Even find infant pocket chrome-stethoscopes crafted in 300mmHg manometer. Items like commodes, wheelchairs, lifts, alarms and canes are also available. 

Wholesale Pharmaceuticals

Some wholesale medical suppliers also provide wholesale pharmaceuticals. They purchase the medications directly from the manufacturers. These types of drug distributors are licensed for consumer protection and only supply medications that are FDA approved.  It’s not uncommon for hospitals and clinics to purchase medications from wholesale medical suppliers. Wholesale medical suppliers pass the savings on to the customers. Medical supply costs can add up for patients. Regular purchasers of insulin syringes, diabetic testing supplies, arthritis treatments, joint support devices and more can save money with wholesale medical suppliers. And the savings includes generic pharmaceuticals brand name drugs, over-the-counter medical drugs and medical-surgical supplies and equipment. Savings also includes antihistamines, antibiotics, injectables, vaccines and pain relievers. 

By choosing a licensed medical supplier, you can get fast delivery, secured delivery and savings that will ramp the way you care for your clients. Looking for wholesale medical supplies? Take advantage of a wholesale medical supplier for all of your wholesale medical supplies. 

Wholesale medical suppliers are known for giving dedicated and personal care to customers. Some even office financial support for credit. Another benefit of using wholesale medical suppliers is convenience. These suppliers offer easy access to both products and customer service. And developing and maintaining a relationship with a wholesale medical supplier can give you access to top of the line products from leading brands along with great deals. That’s why so many physicians, hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities purchase their medical needs from them.